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Why Pursue Career in Radiology

Finding a career perfect for you? If so, it is strongly recommended that you consider a career in radiology, like Dr. James Fleckenstein. You might be asking, why pursue a career in radiology if there are so many careers out there to consider. But of course, even if this career comes with so many benefits […]

4 Reasons Why Radiology is Beneficial

What is radiation? This is the use of x-rays or high radiation energy to help with the treatment or diagnosis of a disease. In interventional radiology, there are different methods of diagnosing and treating different diseases for instance MRI, Ultrasound and even X-ray. A lot of modern health care facilities have radiologist professionals like Dr […]

7 Reasons Why A Radiologist Is Important For Your Health

Medical care is currently in ongoing need of efficient imaging tests. This is not a luxury, as it has become a necessity for all healthcare providers. Different types of imaging help doctors understand many patients’ problems. Dr James Fleckenstein, former radiology professor and expert, is of the view that imaging tests play a crucial part […]

The Truth About Radiology You Didn’t Know Before

Radiology is the medical specialty responsible for imaging your body. There is an entire medical staff working in this field. For instance, there are radiologists, radiologic technologists, nurses, and more dedicated medical workers. Dr James Fleckenstein, a former Professor of Radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, believes that radiology is now […]

All You Need To Know About Radiology

How many times did your doctor refer you to a radiologist before giving you a final diagnosis? Typically you would feel frustrated in the beginning, as you might not understand the necessity of this step. In case you are curious about radiology and its importance for your life, this article will give you an insight […]

3 Tips to Preserve your Health and Well-Being

The human body is fickle and easily susceptible to numerous diseases, illnesses, and injuries. In some uncommon cases, it is not easy to evaluate and determine the cause or the present problem within a person. Misdiagnosis can be scarier than being unable to assess the problem, which is why helping your doctor accurately diagnose your […]

4 Common Misconceptions About Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

After surveying hundreds of people from different places around the globe, many would claim that they fear visiting the doctor. This common disassociation between visiting your local family physician and incurring diseases tends to result in people avoiding regular health checkups. A licensed radiology expert, Dr James Fleckenstein, would recommend that you should not slack […]