7 Reasons Why A Radiologist Is Important For Your Health


Medical care is currently in ongoing need of efficient imaging tests. This is not a luxury, as it has become a necessity for all healthcare providers. Different types of imaging help doctors understand many patients’ problems. Dr James Fleckenstein, former radiology professor and expert, is of the view that imaging tests play a crucial part in saving the lives of different patients.

There are many reasons that make radiology tests of the utmost importance. These reasons include:

  1. Allowing early detection of different illnesses.

Early detection of any serious disease can be a true life saver. Through accurate imaging, doctors can detect the presence of any abnormalities in your body. This can lead doctors to a proper diagnosis and then provide the right type of care and treatment. For instance, early detection of breast cancer increases survival rates and improves the quality of life for many patients.

  • Detection of different injuries

Bone injuries seem to be simple medical cases, provided proper detection and diagnosis. X-rays can give doctors insight into the shape of bones. This way, doctors get to detect fractures or abnormalities. Then they give you the right course of treatment.

  • Valuable help in emergency cases

Medical emergencies require fast action. But doctors can act properly without accurate information. Imaging and scanning can give emergency doctors the kind of information they are looking for. These accurate images allow doctors to properly diagnose and treat patients in the emergency room.

  • Keeping an eye on patients’ progress

Progression of any medical condition is measured by close monitoring and observation. This can be done if you get regularly scanned. Your doctor can compare the imaging each time to assess the effectiveness of your treatment method.

  • reducing the possibility of going to the OR

When you get proper scans and imaging tests, you will get more benefits other than proper diagnosis. You will also have the chance to avoid unnecessary surgery. These surgeries were the only way for doctors to find out what was going on with your internal body. But now, these accurate images can spare you the unnecessary hassle of getting operated on.

  • Helping doctors make decisions

Detecting the necessity of surgery is not an easy call. But when your doctor has proper images of 2D or 3D nature, things will become easier. Your doctor will see things more clearly. This way, they can decide whether their patients actually need the procedure or it would be unnecessary.

  • Guiding doctors through surgeries

Accurate scans help surgeons know what is waiting for them beneath the skin layers. When they have accurate pictures of your insides, they will operate based on them. So, they will avoid mistakes or unnecessary incisions.

There are endless reasons that make imaging tests absolutely important. But it is also important to pay attention to your body, so you won’t be late in going to your radiologist. Dr James Fleckenstein recommends not to delay getting scanned once you feel something is not normal. Early diagnosis is an essential part of proper treatment even in tough medical cases.

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